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When you get a normal email during your working day, you'll probably scan it - later on, you'll read it, delete it or even forget it was there.

Email gets noticed straight away but it has a couple of downsides. There's a big perception that email communication is worth less than a mailshot or a phone call - it therefore doesn't require or demand as much attention. The other aspect is that because there's so much email nowadays, who has the time?

We'll help you tailor your email to take account of the fact you've got a few eyeball seconds with the recipient. If you offer a lot of products or services, we'll try to get you to slim it down to no more than 8 and preferably no more than 4.

Work with us to produce something that will generate maximum responsiveness in the short time your email has to make an impression.
Want to get teachers to visit your website and just place an order online? You may be waiting quite a while, particularly if you're doing just a one-off campaign.

On the plus side, your site gives a real sense of presence to your company. It also gives your customer time and space to teach themselves about what you do. They're online all the time meaning you can make sales whenever you want. But, it's not that simple.

Nothing beats having a human to hand to answer all the questions visitors have. This website is getting towards 700 pages long - it drives huge numbers of enquiries but 90% of the questions aren't answered on the website because the question is unique to you - our caller.

People buy people first before they'll buy anything on a website from an email! Spending 20 minutes on the phone with a teacher or school leader will present all sorts of possibilities of getting a new customer - don't deprive yourself of that opportunity!
Sometimes, the schools whose orders you're chasing have used the same supplier for years. They know your potential customer's name - they probably have a laugh and a joke with them.

People often do not ONLY buy on price - they buy on emotions and connections. A good offer will get them interested though, and you'll have to make one to win. Good offers sent multiple times will always get more attention that if just sent once.

The fact they already buy what you're selling, albeit from someone else, is a good sign. They have been in the market and they will be again.

Meridian Delta - Fax Broadcasting / Fax Marketing / Fax Advertising

If you can offer accounts, brilliant. Many schools and teachers are used to getting new goods and services on 30 day approval - in other words, send them out what they want with an invoice to pay within 30 days. However, allow them to return it with no penalty within the 30 days. This can really increase responsiveness.

If you can accept debit or credit cards, fantastic - it's still rare for schools to have their own card but offer the option if you can.

It's you who has to be flexible - you're in competition against established players and you have to go the extra mile to get a look in. Let our copy writers help you with that.
If you've worked with schools before, it's always best to use it in your email copy.

Better still, if you can get a school customer to give you a quote expressing how pleased they are with your service, that's going to really help your campaign. Schools are constantly bombarded with advertising every day, and it's companies which use specialist services like ours that always find themselves with a better chance because of the thought and planning that goes into your campaign. Testimonials from other schools DO help you stand out.

Don't worry if you're looking for your first school customer and you've got no testimonials to provide. All it means is that you have to knock on the door a few times to get noticed. Once you get your first customers, repeat business from them is very likely and they're always there to use in later advertisements.
You really need to be seen multiple times by schools. In our experience and those of our customers, schools have a good nose for the opportunistic, speculative approaches versus the really serious committed education suppliers. One of the ways schools can differentiate between the two is by the number of times they've been exposed to your message.

When speaking with one of our advisors, ask about why you should go more than once and what the specific benefits to your business will be.
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